Are you facing arson charges? If you are being investigated for or have been charged with arson, you must find a lawyer immediately. Lustberg Law Offices, LLC has the experience and knowledge that you need to combat these charges and present an aggressive defense. With two offices, one in Hackensack, NJ and one in New York City, our law firm can represent you in either state.

What Is Arson?

Arson is defined as burning a building or structure so that you can collect insurance money or for another unlawful purpose. In addition, this charge can be levied for a deliberate burning or explosion that damages land or vehicles. If the property is not your own, you can be charged with arson even if it is due to recklessness.

In New Jersey, arson charges fall in two categories – ordinary arson and aggravated arson. The lesser offense of ordinary arson describes the crime of starting a fire or explosion on your own property or another person’s property while recklessly: placing another person in danger, placing a building or structure in danger, committing the crime to collect insurance from a property’s damage or destruction, or destroying or damaging a structure to get an exemption from a zoning law, planning law, regulation, etc., or placing a forest in danger of either destruction or damage. Significant damage is not necessary for a charge to be filed. “Ordinary” arson can be punished by as much as 5 years in prison.

Aggravated arson is when a person knowingly or purposely sets a fire for one of the following reasons:

– To expose someone to death or injury

– To destroy a building or structure that is owned by someone else

– To collect insurance for damage or destruction and which recklessly exposed someone to death or injury

– To destroy or damage a structure to exempt it from a state, county, or local zoning, planning, or building law, regulation, ordinance, or enactment, and which recklessly places someone in danger of injury or death

– To purposely damage or destroy a forest.

The potential penalties/punishment for aggravated arson are a prison term of up to 10 years and, in some cases, substantially longer. Contact Adam M. Lustberg to get more information about which type of arson you are being charged with.

Arson Investigation

When a fire is investigated there are many different facets that are evaluated. An experienced attorney will be able to go through the evidence and retain an expert to dispute that evidence. This can be essential to your defense and can lead to your acquittal or a reduction of your charge to a lesser offense.

If you have been arrested for arson, contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. They will determine the best way to defend you against the charges. Contact Lustberg Law Offices, LLC for more information today.