When your son or daughter is accused of a crime it can be stressful for the entire family.  Not only are you afraid of what is going to happen to them in the immediate future, but you are worried about how this charge is going to affect them for the rest of their life.  It is essential that you have an aggressive, experienced, and sensitive attorney that is familiar with the intricacies of the juvenile justice system and will be at your side to help you through this situation.  Lustberg Law Offices, LLC is located in both New York and New Jersey and is here for you and your family.

Adam M. Lustberg and his team understand the juvenile justice system and know that it can be a very frustrating process to go through and get the results that you are looking for. That is why you need an attorney who has the experience and expertise to evaluate the case and determine how they can best defend your child to secure the best outcome possible.

How Will My Child Be Charged?

Depending on your child’s age and the severity of the offense charged, he or she will most likely be charged as a juvenile and this will make a big difference in how your case is handled and what options that we, as your child’s representative in court, have.  Under certain circumstances the prosecutor may ask the family court to waive its jurisdiction and to transfer the matter to the criminal division where your child will be tried as an adult.  With certain exceptions, and for good cause shown, that application must be made within 30 days of the complaint.  That is why you should call Lustberg Law Offices, LLC immediately to allow us to begin the investigation, to review the evidence and to discuss the matter with the prosecutor.

How Juvenile Crimes Are Assessed

If your child is going to be tried as a juvenile he or she may be remanded to a juvenile detention center. If your child is arrested, his or her information will be submitted to a liaison who will complete a Risk Assessment.  This will decide whether your child will be allowed to go home until they appear before a judge or will have to stay in the detention center.  The severity of the crime, your child’s prior criminal history, your child’s age, your child’s record of appearing at previous court proceedings and your child’s community ties will all be considered in this Risk Assessment.

If the juvenile is remanded to the detention center, they will come before a judge within 24 hours and this judge will determine whether they will stay in the detention center or be allowed out until they return to court . If your child is adjudicated delinquent, then the punishment that they will face can include probation, juvenile intensive supervision program, placement into a residential facility, or deferred disposition, which is when your child is given a time frame to prove to the judge that they have learned from their experience.

Adam M. Lustberg has represented juveniles charged with attempted murder, gang related offenses, drug crimes, aggravated assault, arson and theft crimes.  Juvenile cases move much faster than adult cases, and time is of the essence, which is why you should call Lustberg Law Offices, LLC as soon as your child is arrested. This will help to ensure that your child’s rights and future are protected. Contact Adam M. Lustberg for a free consultation today.