A murder charge can induce fear in even the strongest person. No matter the circumstances, this charge can mean some very serious jail time.  Depending upon those circumstances, you could be facing up to life in prison without the possibility of parole. That is why you need to have a murder defense lawyer that is experienced and that has a proven track record. Adam M. Lustberg is that attorney.

We Understand The System

We understand how the judicial system works and we know that your trial will likely dictate the rest of your life. That is why Adam M. Lustberg goes out of his way to explain the process to his clients and to guide them in making the decisions that are best for them and their future. In addition, he goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that he offers you as strong a defense as possible. Our experts will analyze and investigate the evidence to ensure that we know everything possible before we go to trial or attempt to otherwise resolve your case.  This allows us to fight aggressively for you from your initial appearance through to your verdict.

We Understand the Stakes of a Murder Charge

New Jersey law separates murder into three separate types. The first is when death is purposely caused or when serious bodily injury results in death. The second is when death is knowingly caused or serious bodily injury resulting in death is caused. The third type is called “felony murder” and is when someone causes the death of another during the commission or attempted commission of a robbery, sexual assault, burglary, arson, carjacking, kidnapping, terrorism, or criminal escape.

While you are not facing the death penalty in New Jersey, you are exposed to significant time in state prison. A minimum of 30 years of prison is mandated for murder before you are eligible for parole. The maximum sentence is life. If the offense is against a law enforcement officer or against a child under the age of 14 who was killed during the commission of a sexual crime, the sentence can be increased to life without parole.

A Lawyer You Can Trust

Only a small percentage of lawyers have the experience necessary to fight a murder charge. That is why you want to make your choice carefully. You trust an attorney with your life, which is why you want to be sure that the one you choose can measure up to that trust and fight for you. You have the right to a strong and aggressive defense – Adam M. Lustberg stands ready to provide that.

From forensic evidence to investigation techniques to cross-examination, Adam M. Lustberg has the knowledge to fight against what might appear to be a slam-dunk for the prosecutor. If you are facing a murder charge and want a lawyer that will aggressively fight for you and your future, contact Adam M. Lustberg immediately.