Have you been charged with shoplifting?  While many people think that this charge is not very serious, it can lead to mandatory jail time and substantial fines. Additionally, the merchant that you stole from can sue you in civil court to recover damages for the value of what you shoplifted plus a penalty. All of this can mean severe financial repercussions and potentially a loss of your freedom.  Finding an experienced shoplifting attorney like Adam M. Lustberg to represent you in court is essential to get you the best results possible for you now and in the future.

New Jersey Shoplifting Charges
  1. “Traditional” shoplifting is what comes to mind when a person takes possession of merchandise with the intention of not paying for it.
  2. Illicit concealment is when a person conceals retail merchandise either to deprive the merchant of the use of it or to convert the item to her or her own use without paying its value.
  3. Altering/removing price tags is when the price tag is changed or removed to purchase the item for less than its full value.
  4. Switching containers is when a person transfers merchandise to another container to obtain a lower price.
  5. Underringing merchandise involves a store employee intentionally undercharging for merchandise to deprive the merchant of the full retain value.
  6. Removing a shopping cart from the premises of a store to permanently deprive the merchant of it or its use.

All of these charges come with penalties which depend largely upon the value of the item(s).

Shoplifting Penalties

Shoplifting penalties in New Jersey all carry some unpaid community service time. The minimum is 10 days and it increases up to 25 days. If you are convicted three times, the judge is then required to sentence you to 90 days or more in jail. This is separate and apart from any civil liabilities that you may be responsible for. The merchant can file a civil case against you for additional damages.

A Lawyer is Essential to Combat Shoplifting Charges

Adam M. Lustberg is an experienced criminal defense attorney and his help can be essential to guide you through the legal process. These charges can not only affect your life now but could affect you in the future as well. From not being able to become a citizen to not getting job because you have a record of a conviction, these allegations can follow you for the rest of your life.

When you face a criminal charge like shoplifting, you want to get the representation that you need to mount a defense.  Lustberg Law Offices, LLC can provide the experienced and aggressive defense that can secure you the best possible outcome under the circumstances. Contact Adam M. Lustberg today for a free case evaluation.